Cryotherapy, known as cold therapy, is a treatment that uses extremely low temperatures to destroy abnormal tissues that allow your body to recover faster. Besides, it produces an anti-inflammatory effect and reduces soreness and pain. It is believed that cryotherapy can treat acne, psoriasis, lesions, eczema, and more.

The extreme cold is delivered in special cryo chambers that usually use liquid nitrogen to maintain low temperatures.

Benefits of Cryotherapy:

  • Safety (during the procedure, the skin is not injured).
  • Painless (anesthesia is not required since the low temperature itself already gives an analgesic effect).
  • The possibility of combining with other hardware procedures (cryolifting is often performed before laser resurfacing or chemical peeling).
  • Rapid recovery (no prolonged swelling and redness, as after injection techniques).
  • Fast visible results.

Possible side effects such as changes in skin pigmentation and soreness in the treated area of the skin after the procedure. If the procedure is carried out incorrectly, damage to the nerve fibers is possible.

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