Longevity Program

At Solea Wellness, we have a unique program that helps you achieve the top level of nutrition for longevity. We conduct a thorough full-body examination to get information about your health on a deep, cellular level. We take into account the individual characteristics of each patient and use a systematic approach that allows us to achieve great results.

Benefits of a longevity program

  • This program preserves longevity regardless of genetic predisposition.
  • It helps you choose a list of foods that will be safe and good for your body.
  • Allows you to get away from the traditional approach based on deprivation and prohibitions.
  • It gives a complete, reliable picture of your health based on the widest study of different body systems.
  • The program allows you to get away from templates and helps you make a program designed exclusively for you – no two people are alike.

What does a longevity program identify?

1. Intestinal health
  • We analyze the entire system of the intestines.
  • We examine hundreds of microbial species and functional markers of digestion and inflammation.
  • We help you identify the root causes of acute or chronic ailments.
  • We offer specific nutritional suggestions for reducing intestinal problems.
  • We restore the balance in your intestines, your vitality and energy levels.
2. Food sensitivity
  • We test over 250 items to identify products that cause inflammation. After all, the main cause of chronic inflammation is what you consume every day – food.
  • We identify the foods you are sensitive to, which reduces chronic inflammation and promotes healthy aging.
3. Micronutrient production and absorption

Micronutrients play an essential role in energy production, hemoglobin synthesis, bone health, and immune system functioning. This is why we examine the levels of nutrients in your blood and how your body uses them. We make decisions that help speed up the absorption of nutrients based on the data collected.

4. Presence of toxic elements
  • We identify inflammatory and chemical agents that cause cancer and detect endocrine disruptors.
  • We develop a personalized program of detoxification and protection of the body from oxidative stress and cell damage.


They can cause neurological problems – such as depression, – chronic fatigue, thyroid dysfunction.

A longevity program: step by step


We conduct an examination and an initial consultation and prepare the patient chart. The specialist will then issue a referral for a series of personalized tests and examinations to obtain a detailed clinical picture. This includes urine, blood, saliva/DNA, system and organ exams, etc.


Laboratory diagnosis is performed on modern equipment using advanced technologies. A detailed analysis of the results is performed to devise the most effective recovery strategy.


During the second visit, your health specialist will discuss the examination results with you in detail. They will also draw up an individual longevity program, describe a detailed diet plan with all sorts of supplements, recommended foods and physical activity (fitness), as well as other wellness procedures (if necessary).


Your health care professional will give you recommendations and adjust the treatment plan as needed (based on current test results) at all stages of the Longevity Program.


After the patient gets rid of negative symptoms and fully recovers all systems of the body, we recommend routine check-ups 1–2 times a year.

Why choose Solea Wellness?

  • We are one of the founders of a movement that encourages overall body wellness through individualized nutrition and physical activity plans.
  • We have many years of experience necessary to attentively examine your genetic makeup.
  • We take into account your lifestyle, look for health indicators in your blood, and recommend a personalized solution. We are always on the lookout for new advances in health science, especially regarding gerontology and longevity.
  • We will tailor the program to your preferences and provide regular monitoring and timely adjustments to achieve optimal results.
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