Go on the perfect wellness getaway during Miami Spa Month 2023 (from July 1st to August 31st). Experience a new level of self-care with our rejuvenating treatments and therapies, specifically tailored to enhance your overall well-being.

Rejuvinate your body and soul at Solea Wellness Center. We’ve prepared exclusive offers, discounts, and prices for you. Take advantage of Miami Spa Month 2023 to focus on yourself and relax like never before.

Take self-care to the next level

Special offer!

Our top 5 most popular services are absolutely free!
Each guest can take each procedure once for free.
During a single visit, one can experience all 5 free sessions at once.

1. SuperHuman Protocol

$175 regular price1 session free only this month

Unlock your full potential with the SuperHuman Protocol! This cutting-edge wellness program, rejuvenates your energy, boosts your strength, or reduces pain in just 30-60 minutes. Never has the process of recovery and enhancing physical capability been so comfortable and efficient.

Elevate your abilities and become stronger or more enduring today with Solea Wellness.

2. HyperT

$55 regular price1 session free only this month

Immerse yourself in the multifunctional wellness capsule, HyperT Pro. Experience firsthand the advantages of advanced technologies, namely a unique combination of thermal and non-thermal red light therapy. We offer comprehensive rejuvenation for the entire body. Recharge, rejuvenate, and unleash your full potential. Feel like the “human of the future” today!

3. Acupuncture (exam + session)

$220 regular price1 session free only this month

Experience the ancient art of harmonizing the energy flows of your body to achieve health improvement. Our experienced and attentive staff, using fine needles, stimulate key points on the body, relieving pain, reducing stress, and promoting natural healing. Restore inner balance, boost your vitality, and find peace at Solea Wellness.

4. Hair Restoration Treatment (exam + consultation)

$159 regular price1 session free only this month

We have a qualified trichologist on staff – an expert in hair and scalp health. This specialist closely examines and diagnoses a variety of issues. They help determine the right treatments for hair loss, thinning, and breakage.

During a free session, the trichologist will conduct a personalized hair examination and perform a scalp-cleansing procedure using restorative compounds. But that’s not all! You’ll receive valuable tips for hair and scalp care that you can use at home.

5. Tanning

$30 regular price1 session free only this month

Immerse in the gentle warmth that “bathes” your skin, giving it a soft, beautiful tan. We invite you to our oasis of beauty and harmony, where every session is a journey to radiant beauty. Boost your confidence, radiate captivating charm, and enjoy the artificial kiss of the sun.

Solea Wellness offers luxurious seamless tanning, perfectly matching your expectations and standards.

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