Cold Plunge Therapy

At Solea Wellness, we offer a unique immersion program to increase energy levels and creativity, boost metabolism, and improve the emotional and overall well-being. This treatment program is perfect for those who want to make changes in their life and improve their health.

Cold Plunge Therapy: What is it?

This treatment program at Solea Wellness consists of two procedures:

  1. Hyperthermic conditioning (immersive red light heat therapy and infrared radiation).
  2. Cold plunge (immersion of the body in a cold bath at a temperature between 39 °F and 55 °F).

This sequence of procedures proves to be extremely beneficial to the overall health and wellbeing of the body (accelerates metabolism, increases endurance, gives a burst of energy, and a good mood for the whole day). It is verified by experts developing advanced sport and recreational programs.

Benefits of Hyperthermic Conditioning

  1. The combination of red light and infrared radiation raises the body temperature, activating metabolic processes in the body. Ongoing clinical studies prove that this treatment can be an alternative to physical exercise for people suffering from metabolic diseases (e.g., obesity).

Recent studies prove that heat therapy can reduce the risk of a heart attack by 31% (tested on 65 patients). It also helps control blood sugar levels and increases the body’s sensitivity to insulin by 30%.

  1. Red photobiomodulation is extremely beneficial for people with an active/sporty lifestyle. The energy released is absorbed by the mitochondria, stimulating cellular activity (energizing them). This improves endurance and increases and maintains muscle mass (due to the massive release of growth hormone). Muscle mass can be increased by 17% without exercising! The treatment also promotes improved brain function and a positive mentality.

One 7.5-minute heat therapy session with a 15-minute immersion in a cold bath increases your growth hormone by 2.5 times. This figure can be doubled!

  1. Hyperthermic conditioning improves the quality of detoxification. It removes heavy metals from the body better than urine, including:
    • 5 times more aluminum
    • 10 times more cadmium
    • 14 times more lead.
  1. It increases the quality of sleep by normalizing the production of neurotransmitters (dopamine, serotonin, etc.). Thanks to this, irritability, anger, and stress are reduced (by increasing the level of endorphins). Hypothermic conditioning will help you relax and fall asleep quickly, even after an eventful day.
  2. It promotes better self control and mindful habits. The treatment neutralizes chemicals – those known to be obesity triggers or addiction-causing hormones. It improves self-control during meals and optimizes satiety. Additionally, conditioning helps to neutralize symptoms of drug addiction/psychological dependence.

Cold Plunge Benefits

Plunging in a tub of cold water is an incredible boost to your health. Here are just five key benefits of the treatment (although there are many more).


A cold plunge is a great way to wake up, and get your body ready with an energetic start to the day. It promotes a positive attitude, and invigorates better than your usual strong coffee or a morning jog. In addition, studies have proven that the treatment combats noradrenaline deficiency, reducing the likelihood of depression, and improving your overall mood.


It restores muscles after increased strain and alleviates pain. It is common practice for athletes to rely on the benefits of a cold plunge, especially after a rigorous workout. Regular cold baths contribute to increased production of neurotransmitters (5 times the norm), reducing pain and relieving inflammation.


It strengthens the immune system and promotes detoxification of the body. The leukocyte and lymphatic system are activated during immersion. This increases the body’s resistance to the negative influences of the environment.


A cold plunge energizes your body and motivates you on a chemical level. The secret is in the increased production of dopamine – the molecule responsible for motivation, concentration, and achievement.


It improves the quality of sleep. Cold plunge therapy lowers cortisol (stress hormone) levels and triggers the autonomic nervous system, which helps to reduce stress levels, relax, and fall asleep faster.

Hot and Cold Therapy – Stages

1. Consultation

We prepare an individual treatment program, adjusted to your schedule.

2. Infrared sauna session

The patient puts on a special disposable suit (for safety and sanitation) and is placed in a “cocoon pod” (for up to 30 minutes).

3. Вody temperature

The patient does 15–20 squats to increase their internal body temperature.

4. Cold plunge

The patient lies in a bathtub with cold water (temperature between 39 and 55 °F), taking big breaths. The head remains on the surface during the start of treatment. The duration of one cold plunge is 2–3 minutes (about 30 deep breaths). At the end of the session, you can put your head under the water for a few seconds.

5. Warming the body

Once dry, the patient does a series of 30 repetitions (leisurely side-to-side lunge squats, inhaling and exhaling deeply, and a simultaneous imitation of a hand strike). Proper breathing and movement will help to warm up the body.

All stages of treatment are supervised by your personal specialist. The duration of the procedure is selected individually.


1. How often should I do hyperthermic conditioning?

It depends on the patient. However, it is clinically proven that 3–5 sessions per week reduce the development of dementia by 66%

2. Does hot and cold immersion help increase body flexibility as well as relieve joint pain?

Yes, flexibility is increased by 205% if the treatment is performed regularly. The treatment also reduces joint pain and stiffness in rheumatoid arthritis.

3. Does the treatment replace physical activity?

It complements physical activity, but does not necessarily replace it. For example, heartbeat and blood flow increase during body heating, comparable to running on a treadmill (5–10 minutes) or taking a 30-minute walk.

4. How can I benefit from hot and cold therapy?

For example, a 50 year old patient can reach the metabolic age of 37 in just 24 hours of treatment.

What is metabolic age? Metabolic age is an indicator that allows you to compare your metabolic level with the average (correct) metabolic level. This depends on the regularity of physical activity, as well as the quality of nutrition.

5. Are there any downsides to cold plunge therapy?

If used incorrectly, it can:

  • Reduce the effectiveness of strength training
  • Worsen the condition of tense or stiff muscles
  • Cause hypothermia
  • Worsen the condition of people with heart diseases.

Our specialists will advise you on how and when to perform the procedure correctly.

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